Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thought Provoking Tuesday

At least I think that's what it's supposed to be.....not thursday right?  We've been snowed in here for two days, again, so I'm a little jet lagged I think.  Anyways, I wanted to share about what the teaching was on sunday when we went to church, and I had the bulletin to reference the passage right up till about an hour ago.  I think one of the munchkins made off with it.  So, the teaching was out of Luke, and I'm going to try to set up the story for you, as I've misplaced my bible as well.  Anyway, Jesus and his disciples decided to go across the lake as they were tired, and wanted rest.  So, they came to the "non-jewish" gentile side of the lake, and found a man that had been demon possessed and shunned by all of society.  Long story short, the demons begged for mercy (even though they'd given the man none), ended up going into some pigs which drowned themselves, and the townspeople came to see the man who had been "cured" and was now calm, and because they were afraid they wanted Jesus and his disciples to leave.  The man wanted to stay with Jesus, but Jesus told him to go tell everyone who would listen about what happened and how Jesus had saved him. So, he did.

Now, the parallel the teacher was on, was that Jesus only had to speak, not ask God for help, therefore showing that he was God incarnate, and also that there are such things as demons and that they do exist.  They are not figments of imagination to be blamed away by silly excuses like maybe they didn't know what they were talking about way back then because they didn't have the diagnostic tools necessary to really figure out that it was just some mental disorder.....Really.  But, God pointed something else out to me along the way, on a different parallel.  I got stuck on the fact that Jesus left when the people were afraid so they told him they didn't want him to stay.  Our teacher also shared another story about another time where Jesus did a healing, and the townspeople welcomed him (that's something to think about to, would you be readily willing at the drop of a hat to have Jesus over?  I only say that cause most of us would say lets go somewhere else, because we're worried about being judged......) and didn't want him to leave.

The thing I thought was interesting, is the fact that God is right there waiting, from the first time you decide to let him in and accept his forgiveness so you can have eternal life, all the way till the end.  But, if you don't want him, he will not barge in.  He patiently waits for you to invite him into whatever you're doing at the moment, and will always be there when you decide that you need him, and he does know you and knows whats best.

How cool is that?

What do you think about this?  Please leave me a note and share what you've been chewing over this week...

Oh, sometime this week, I will post a cool idea/tutorial for some easy placemats for the munchkins to make.


  1. Those are all very good thoughts on the subject. I easily forget that all I have to do is put my worries in God's hands and all will be taken care of.

    Thank you for the follow! I'm following you now as well!

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing. God is faithful as always and very often we are the ones who forgotten that we are being taking care of...:D


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