Monday, May 23, 2011

"Stained" Glass Tutorial

So this is one of those things that kids can do or you can do, and the results will vary accordingly....might be a good teacher/bus driver end of the year gift, or you could make some to add a little extra to a graduation gift!

You'll need small bits of colored tissue paper, a glass vessel of some sort (vase, bowl, candleholder, glass ect) and glue/modpodge and a small paintbrush!

 put a small bit of glue in a dish and add some water and mix with your paintbrush, I eyeball it at a bout a one to one ratio
If you use mod podge you can add a bit of water or just use as is

The consistency should be kind of runny but not so much that it runs when you paint your glass object with in sections and start applying your glue "glaze" to you glass item

You can either do like I did and just use strips/shapes that are smaller that your glass and over lap the lip of your glass, or you could also put the straight edges of your paper about a 1/4 inch below the rim of your glass like is shown in the other example down below on the bowl at the end of the tutorial

 Start laying tissue pieces and then layer another layer of your "glaze" and then keep alternating.  You could let one layer dry before adding another, or not....I don't get much time to "wait" around so I just kept layering till I like the look of it

 work your way around the glass and fold the pieces that go beyond under and over your piece...the top ones will get gently torn after you're all done

Here's the example I was talking about at the beginning where I started the tissue paper about a 1/4 inch below the rim of the bowl. 

You really can get into this as much as you want, even going as far as to do a landscape/picture type deal...someday when I have more "free" time I will play around with it
 When your glass is completely covered how you like, find something to rest it on while it dries

When it's dry, if you overlapped the rim of your glass, gently put a bit of your glaze on your finger and smooth down the edges after you have cut/torn the excess off....using an exacto knife would be good then you don't worry about haphazardly making the tissue pull in the wrong spot
 Put a tealight in it and your ready to roll...well if you did a candle holder that is

If you just use the glue mix as your glaze you could modpodge over the whole thing if you want to make a more finished exterior, or perhaps a coat of varnish would be easy enough.... although I just used the glue and water on the bowl with the squares and it's been my "junk" bowl for at least 4 years and has held up pretty well!

Hope you have fun trying this out, and if you get pics of your finished project, leave me a link so I can come see what your spin on it was!

Lastly, would anyone be interested in a tutorial for this sort of skirt I made for my girlie?  I know there are a lot of similar tutorials but if there is interest I will throw one together, just let me know!  It's got a flat front waistband and an elastic gathered back waistband and strips of fabric...


  1. Very nice! Maybe we'll have to give this a try! Wonder how you are doing?

  2. This is great! I love your buttons and hair things! They made me follow you on Google and like your FB page. I saw you at Polly's hop.

  3. Hey Sarah,
    You won my giveaway at! Send me your address and I'll get your goodies out to you!
    jenna at

  4. Sorry you had trouble reaching me. That should be the right email- heartkeepercommonroom, and it's a gmail address so all theusual follow ups apply.


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