Sunday, October 11, 2009

The warmth in the leaves set the tree on fire

It's such a wonderful day outside, the kind where you wake up and just know inside the it's going to be an awesome day.....  We're driving out to help celebrate a birthday, and see those we've not seen in a bit.  But, I love driving in the fall on a sunny day, to thoroughly enjoy the colors of the trees in the fall.  It's one of those things that just amazes me about the wonderful God we serve, that he created it all, and yet took the time to decide the colors of the leaves, all the way down to the intricacies of each of our personalities.  I love the fall, the pumpkin picking, the collage leaf making, the leaf pile making and jumping in and doing it all over again, and watching everything anew through my childrens eyes.......

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  1. I found your lovely blog via another one. I love how you write and how I can feel God's love through your writing ! I love to drive to and one of the reasons is that I can see all God's creations as I drive.
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