Wednesday, April 6, 2011

another Awesome thing on my "to-do" list

Found this tutorial today,

I am making plans to make this dress for each of my girlies...I have been hoarding fabric and such for a while but haven't had time to sew with our baby so sick, but hopefully after surgery this month we will have a few months to just be a family again and I will have a bit of time to sew for my kiddo's.  I have some fantastic Dr. Seuss fabric I will pair with red for my Rue, and some fantastic mod fabric for my Raven, some funky eclectic fabric for V and some sweet soft fabric for our Ari.  This looks easy enough that it shouldn't take me forever and they will each have something fun for the upcoming summer months.  I will post pics whenever I get them finished, be sure to leave a link if you make one so I can come see!

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