Friday, December 9, 2011


Linking up with the Gypsy Mama, won't you join us?

Each week she has a five minute friday, gives a topic and then you just write whatever comes to mind, no editing, no worries about whether it sounds right...just write.

Here we go:

Color is what I love, from the brightest of blues to the warmest of yellows, the earthy browns to reds that span the spectrum of fire, cool greens to funky purples, from the light of white to the dark of black.
There is a color for every mood you have, no matter if your sad or happy, joyous or angry, or bubbling with excitement.  There's always a color that fits just perfectly.
I'm always amazed at how He created everything and that to study the colors he used can boggle anyone, as within each tone of color there are so many different shades and tonal differences.  Crazy to think that with the exception of black and white that every other color can be created from yellow and blue.  
Can you imagine life in black and white, I can't, I'm so grateful that He created such a wonderfully beautiful color palette and used them all in His creation.


  1. I love color, too! And i absolutely love the look of your blog--gorgeous!


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