Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thought Provoking Tuesday......a day late

Yesterday was really crazy around our house, I apologize for the delay.....anyways, let's get to it.

I was listening to the radio on the way home from dropping the munchkins off at school, and the speaker was talking about a story out of Luke 10.  The story of when Jesus and the disciples were having dinner, and Martha was getting peeved at Mary because she felt like she was doing all of the work and Mary was doing nothing important.  Mary had chosen to sit at Jesus' feet, while Mary kept herself busy (and anxious and upset) in the kitchen doing what she thought was important and necessary.  What did Jesus say?  I thought the speaker made a good point that Jesus pretty much said there's really only one thing to be anxious about in this life, and it's whether or not you've accepted Christ and his payment for your sins and therefore have salvation.  That Mary was doing the right thing in trying to follow Jesus and listen to what he had to say.  Following what Christ has for you needs to be the most important thing in your life, your focus as you go about your day.....

How many times do we get caught up in all of the things on our "to do list" that we forget to count our blessings?  How many times are you willing to stop when God puts someone in your path that needs you're help and God's love that can shine through you?  Are you willing to get down in the muck of other peoples life for Jesus?  Are you willing to follow God even if it leads you off of the path you think you should be going down?  Do you feel like you're doing everything you're supposed to, but are still feeling like you're missing something?  Where is your focus today?

Thanks for hanging out with me for a moment, and feel free to leave me anything you'd like to add or comment on.  Oh, I'm thinking I'll have a post soon about either making playdough at home, or making some simple curtains for your window....or maybe both if I get the chance, which would you prefer?

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